Bridge work gets drivers in a jam

While it could have been worse if it were not school holidays, East London residents travelling to and from Beacon Bay were stuck in traffic yesterday because of ongoing maintenance work on Batting Bridge.

Motorist forced to use alternative routes while BCM carries out maintenance on the Batting Bridge Picture:SINO MAJANGAZA

The bridge has been closed as Buffalo City Metro replaces joints and resurfaces the busy  bridge at a cost of R2.5-million, expected to be finished on Saturday.

The renovations have been undertaken after an assessment of bridges and weaknesses identified.

While the roadworks helped some businesses, others said they had felt a negative impact.

RocoMamas manager at Beacon Bay Crossing, Calvin Naidoo, said: “It has become a little more busy than it would normally be.”

Batting bridge closed

Beacon Bay taxi driver Thandikhaya Nake said the roadworks had greatly inconvenienced them.

Nake called on BCM to make provision for taxi drivers, especially during peak hours.

“At least one lane at the bridge should be opened just for taxis to drive through,” he said.

Courier driver Morgan Naidoo said he had to start driving at least one-and-a-half hours earlier to be on time for the day’s deliveries.

BCM spokesman Samkelo Ngwenya said: “We have pointsmen deployed in the area to control the flow. But in the evening traffic services will deploy a pointsman to control the flow when necessary,” adding that motorists could travel earlier to beat the morning traffic. —


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