Teams serve tables to raise funds

Border badminton eight off to interprovincials

THE Under 19 Border badminton teams had to wait tables at the Spur in Vincent this week to raise funds to go to the Interprovincial Championships in Cape Town next week.

WELL SERVED: The Border U19 badminton team had to earn their keep by waiting tables at the Silver Eagle Spur last week to fund their trip to the interprovincial tournament. Justin Bezuidenhout and the rest of his team had to keep customers happy to get a good tip Picture: QHAMANI LINGANI

The group of eight is made up of pupils from Merrifield College, Stirling High School, Hudson Park High School and Selborne College.

The girls’ team consists of Jemma Crocker, Jada Freeman, Thandy Mayaphi and Leah Laing.

The boys are Nicos Efstriatiou, Justin Bezuindenhout, Jessin Thomas and Justin Green.

Their coach, Karen Coetzer, said the team were more than ready to participate in the championships as they had been training very hard.

“We have also played in various tournaments during the year and those are a build-up to these championships,” Coetzer said.

“We are not a sponsored team so that is why we are raising funds for this trip. We do get funding but it’s not enough [to fund the whole trip],” she said.

Each player has to come up with R6000 to make the trip.

“We could have taken the bus but all parties including parents agreed that it is safer to fly because of the [high number of] accidents that happen on the roads,” Coetzer said.

Parent Karin Hackmack said they were confident that the team would return victorious.

“The team is very developmental; they also work with children from underprivileged backgrounds.”


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