Businesswoman calls on companies to fight corruption‚ encourage staff to participate in mass action

Magda Wierzycka‚ CEO of Sygnia Asset Management‚ has called on companies to ignore BEE points and rather fund civil rights organisations fighting corruption in the country.

Magda Wierzycka‚ CEO of Sygnia. Picture GALLO IMAGES

“We need more financial support for civil rights organisations fighting corruption such as Outa [Organisation Undoing Tax Abuse]‚ Helen Suzman Foundation‚ Corruption Watch‚ Ahmed Kathrada Foundation and a number of others‚” she said.

Wierzycka also called on businesses to encourage staff to participate in marches and to give them time off‚ instead of forcing them to take leave‚ in order to join mass action.

“Educate your staff about the reality we are living through. Let them act as ambassadors within their own communities. Do not make it about ANC vs DA. This is not about politics‚ this is about forces or good vs evil‚” she said.

She said companies should even encourage their workers to be paid up members of the ANC and “vote the right way”.

Wierzycka was the second keynote speaker at the AHI SME Indaba held in Cape Town on Wednesday.

Her address came after that of ANC presidential hopeful Mathews Phosa‚ who delivered a scathing address against President Jacob Zuma‚ his friends the Guptas and those aligned to them.

“Support free media. There was a recent proposal by the [Johannesburg Stock Exchange] that listed companies no longer need to advertise in the press. That is a disaster for press‚ you know they rely on advertising. They need that advertising in the absence of government advertising‚” she said.

Wierzycka said there were five months to turn the country around and should that not happen‚ “we are in for very tough times ahead”.

“It will be very difficult to do business in an economy where there are no jobs‚ no consumption or demand for goods or services‚” she added.

She also spoke of a “low road scenario” that was currently at play where “forces of greed and corruption” prevail‚ bringing about a parallel security state‚ rigging of election results‚ intimidation and political murders all to ensure a Zuma proxy was appointed as ANC president.

“Slowly our media is intimidated and starved of finance. Already all government advertising has been withdrawn and redirected to the Gupta-owned media channels. We have also seen the thuggery of BLF and MKMVA. This can escalate‚” she said.

– TimesLIVE


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