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BCM unveils plans to develop East London beachfront infrastructure

BUFFALO City Metro Development Agency (BCMDA) announced its plans to develop tourism infrastructure at the East London Beachfront area.

BEACHFRONT UPGRADE: Buffalo City Metro Development Agency plans to bring more tourists to East London with the development of the area from Waterworld to Marina Glen. Waterworld will undergo some big changes, with a hotel also planned for the area Picture: DAILY DISPATCH FILE/PHILLIP NOTHNAGEL

The proposed developments includes, the Waterworld Complex at Leaches Bay as a tourist site. The proposal includes the upgrading of Waterworld to strengthen its tourism potential for both local and international users.

“[The plan is to give it the] best multi-purpose use, security mechanisms, access, visitor controls and parking for the area. The adjacent land will also be developed to accommodate a four-star hotel on one side and camping sites and chalets on the other side,” manager of marketing and communication at Buffalo City Metropolitan Development Agency, Ruweida Naina said.

This process has resulted in the appointment of MDA Consulting, a consortium of specialists who will be responsible for the design and implementation of a Precinct Plan for the East London Beachfront extending from Marina Glen A to Water World.

The consortium is currently working on proposals for the development of these two key areas. An advisory committee was established at the first stakeholder engagement session to ensure stakeholders’ involvement in this project.

Other proposed developments are at Court Crescent, upgrading this open space to a multi-use park. The park must be designed to include a number of uses like skateboarding, kids play area, outdoor amphitheatre, relaxation, outdoor gym, a maze, art and adequate lighting.

Marina Glen A a mixed land use is proposed, for example where there would be business premises, residential accommodation, offices.

The Heroes Park in collaboration with the East London Aquarium, options exist for developing the Heroes Park into a Museum and Ocean Discovery Centre. A Feasibility study will commence soon to explore various options for development.

“Road and sidewalks from Orient Beach to Eastern Beach [will be refurbished]. Unique streetscape character, enhanced street lighting, use of structuring elements like trees, shrubs, benches; unique sidewalks patterns and colours; adequate traffic control, parking and informative signage; artwork and any other applicable landscaping is all in the pipeline,” Naina said.


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