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Flowing Nomads travel the country spreading the love of yoga through events, classes and workshops. This trip took in Cape Town to East London stopping at Elgin, Port Elizabeth, Knysna and East London. ‘We always attempt to raise some funds for an organisation in need and the Dorothy Broster Childcare Centre in Knysna was in our sights for this tour. We wanted to spend some time with them playing with yoga and acro yoga and just encouraging them to move and breathe with focused intent. However, the funds raised were not enough to warrant the arrangements. What we will do instead is to arrange a donation from Makro for yoga mats and contribute the donations received at Nahoon to this,’ Flowing Nomads director PravAha Hunter said. ‘Our beach events range from New Year Flow, International Day of Yoga and Full Moon Beach Yoga.’ Kayleigh Weyer is the local contact who asked us to join on this occasion and how lovely it was as Lauren Hertz was celebrating her 20-year school reunion and Founders Day at Clarendon – so some of her classmates joined too. Nahoon is a wonderful location and we hope more locals join Kayleigh on Saturdays


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