Dinika drives sanitary towel project

AFTER being approached by a shy young girl in her neighbourhood about sanitary towels , Dinika Rooy has started the Keep a Girl in School initiative.

HELPING HAND: Dinika Rooy has started the Keep a Girl in School initiative. Her project aims to collect sanitary towels for underprivileged school girls, encouraging them to stay in school Picture: RYAN ROSE

The Buffalo Flats resident said: “She was so embarrassed as she didn’t have the necessary means to get sanitary towels for herself.

“It just softened my heart to think of the many other young girls in our community facing similar challenges and not attending school due to these circumstances.”

The initiative aims to provide feminine hygiene products to disadvantaged school girls within the Buffalo City Metropolitan region through donations from community members.

“Approximately seven million school girls in South Africa miss out on 25% of learning during a school year due to not having access or money for sanitary products when on their menstrual cycle,” Rooy said.

“I had to do something, so I mentioned it to my colleagues and asked them to add a packet of sanitary towels when doing their grocery shopping. I also shared this to my groups and friends on Whatsapp and Facebook and I’ve received an overwhelming response,” the 28-year-old said.

Yonela on a roll

Rooy is calling on anyone who can spare as little as R10 to keep a girl in school. Thereafter Rooy will pick a disadvantaged school in the Buffalo City Metro and distribute the sanitary towels to that school.

Though still in its beginning stages, Rooy hopes the initiative will gain support and momentum in order to help many girls stay in school. “I want to encourage and help school girls to stay in school and obtain an education and strive to become empowered, leading women of this country,” Rooy said.

For anyone interested in becoming involved in any way, please visit the Keep a Girl in School Facebook page or contact Rooy on 074-804-5010.


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