ITEC celebrates 30-year milestone

Literacy celebration at day care and primary school toasts success

IN CELEBRATION of ITEC’s 30 years of service to the community, they held a literacy celebration at Mthombolwazi Day Care Centre and Willow Park Primary School last week.

READING MATTERS: Teachers at Mthombolwazi Day Care Centre showcased the importance of reading stories at school during ITEC’s visit last week Picture: MADELEINE CHAPUT

Both schools have received support from ITEC over the years, enhancing and improving their literacy skills and curriculum.

Funded by First National Battery (FNB), ITEC provides these schools with reading areas kitted out with mats, books, cushions and soft toys, as well as training in order to develop the children’s literacy skills effectively.

“First National Battery has been a regular supporter of ITEC for a number of years, funding various ITEC projects – from literacy to maths and science,” FNB human resource director Cain Mahlanu said.

Since 2012, FNB have funded the purchase of 26000 books which are homed at ITEC’s teachers’ library and are circulated among various schools in and around East London.

“ITEC has helped us a lot over the years. I’m very happy that my school is part of their programme,” Mthombolwazi Day Care Centre principal Millia Hlaleleni said.

The celebration at the daycare saw teachers demonstrate the importance of rhymes and reading in their teaching, encouraging parents to become involved in order to aid the development of their children’s vocabulary and literacy skills.

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“You need to talk, read and sing to your children. Your involvement will develop their literacy skills even further,” said ITEC’s Noloyiso Dalamba.

“The principal and teachers at Mthombolwazi Day Care Centre are very dedicated and active with literacy development at the school. They are doing very well and we are proud to be working with them,” Dalamba said.

Mahlanu said: “I am so impressed with how organised and efficient the school is and we are very proud, as a company, to be associated with ITEC and Mthombolwazi Day Care Centre.”

Willow Park Primary received similar praise as the foundation phase and senior primary classes celebrated and acknowledged the star readers in each grade at a special assembly.

The majority of the pupils’ home language is not English. Many pupils, however, have excelled in spite of this.

Each grade showcased their English and Afrikaans reading and vocabulary skills as ITEC and FNB members listened. The assembly culminated in each reader receiving a certificate and book prize.

“We need to give children a firm foundation in literacy as it will equip them with problem-solving and vocabulary skills they will need later on. Both schools have done an excellent job,” Dalamba said.


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