Jail those implicated in KPMG saga: Manuel

By Nomahlubi Jordaan

Former finance minister Trevor Manuel says those implicated in the KPMG scandal should go to jail.

Former Finance Minister Trevor Manuel.Picture FILE

“People should go to jail because of how they have been covered and how this rot was allowed to continue in the way that it has. The consequences are a break on growth in this country. If we were growing fast‚ we wouldn’t have energy. If the economy is not growing‚ people can’t get jobs‚” Manuel told EWN.

Manuel said KPMG should produce documents to prove how it had arrived at the findings of an investigation into an intelligence unit at the South African Revenue Service (SARS).

His comments come after the auditing firm lost clients for its handling of the accounts of the Gupta family. The firm has been accused of contributing to the family securing multi-billion-rand government contracts with state-owned entities.

The firm’s dealings with the Guptas have resulted in major multinational companies discontinuing the retention of its services.

The SARS “rogue unit” report cost the economy billions of rands. It was used in the ousting of finance minister Pravin Gordhan and the attempt to bring criminal charges against him.

The report was commissioned by SARS commissioner Tom Moyane‚ who went on to lay criminal charges against those involved with the “rogue unit”.



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