Foetus found in rubbish bin at UFH residence

A foetus believed to be five to six months old was found dumped in a rubbish bin at the University of Fort Hare’s Luke 3 female student residence on Monday evening. The gruesome discovery was made by one of the cleaners while emptying the bin  outside the newly-built block of bedsits.

UFH spokesman Kgotso Moabi said the incidence happened despite the university’s provision of health and safety support services  to students.

Moabi said the institution was investigating the matter and trying to track the mother of the dead baby. Today Moabi said, while the institution understood the plight of students, the incident was regrettable and was condemned by the institution. “The university continues to offer health and safety services to try and mitigate some of the challenges faced by the students.

“We offer all the student support services like counselling, HIV tests, clinic and ambulance, and we urge all our students who might find themselves facing similar challenges to visit our healthcare facilities.”

Moabi said the institution condemned the incident.The residence houses  100   junior and senior female students, Moabi confirmed. Alice police spokeswoman Siyasanga Nontshinga could be reached  for comment.



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