Setting sail on godly mission

SPREADING HOPE AND HELP: Kyle Roberts, 19, will join the Logos Hope crew, travelling around the world to do mission work and help people in need. Roberts is seen here helping out on the ship last year Picture: SUPPLIED

EAST London’s Kyle Roberts will be boarding the Logos Hope ship in Colombia in January, volunteering for two years.

The Logos Hope is the world’s largest floating book fair and offers an expanded selection of more than 5000 different book titles at the most affordable prices.

The Logos Hope passenger ship is run by OM (Operation Mobilisation), which sees itself as part of the church and is committed to strengthening the church by mobilising people from all walks of life into world missions.

The ship’s main purpose is to spread knowledge, help and hope to people around the world.

In each port, the ship’s volunteers partner with the local churches to bring hope, help, the love of Christ and to spread God’s word to people whatever their circumstances, culture or background.

According to Kyle, who volunteered on the ship for 10 days when it was in East London in May last year, being on the ship allowed him to grow in many ways.

“After hearing people’s testimonies from many different countries, I felt this would be something that could really be an amazing spiritual journey and help me to grow closer to God,” he said.

“To become a volunteer on the ship I completed five months of Missions Discipleship Training in Pretoria. This included short-term outreaches and training on how to live, interact and share the gospel with people from many different cultures and religions.

“The first three weeks I underwent an intense self-evaluation course to see if there was anything that could hinder me from growing spiritually or that might affect me on the mission field,” he said.

The 19-year-old continued: “My family, friends and church family have been very supportive in this venture and the fact that I will be joining the ship for two years. They have helped me in every way possible by providing prayer support, advice and guidance, which has assisted me in answering God’s call on my life and the furthering of His kingdom through the spreading of the gospel.”

During the 11-day period that Logos Hope crew were in East London, they not only opened their ship for the public to explore reasonably priced literature, but also made a significant effort to uplift struggling sectors of the community.

Projects included free eye-testing in needy communities and distributing portable water purification systems to rural areas.

The ship has about 400 people on board from at least 67 different countries, so there is a broad base of life and God experiences which everyone can learn and grow from.

Being on the ship is purely on a voluntary basis and if you wish to partner with Kyle financially (for travelling and/or living expenses), please contact him on 074-706-0920 or on WhatsApp 061-129-4495.

He would also appreciate any prayers and if you are interested in keeping up to date on his progress during his two years, you can also sign up for a newsletter by contacting him on above-mentioned numbers.


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