Grill Room a fine dining experience

THE Grill Room, situated within the beautiful Premier Hotel Regent, offers great sea views and a New York- inspired contemporary steakhouse with great food.

Meat-lovers would be happy to know that the restaurant ages its own beef after it is sourced from local farmers.

SPICY LITTLE NUMBER: The peri-peri chicken livers was a creamy starter full of flavour, an offering that one can easily have once a week Picture: ETHIENNE ARENDS

All fresh beef is aged for at least a few days and up to several weeks, to allow enzymes naturally present in the meat, to break down the muscle tissue, resulting in improved texture and flavour.

Besides the steaks, the Grill Room also offers delicious speciality dishes for every tastebud.

My girlfriend Bernie and I, enjoyed our second outing to the restaurant – and once again enjoyed the tasty and fresh food on offer.

For starters, I had the chicken livers peri-peri that is flambéed in brandy and comes with a creamy sauce with fresh garlic and rosemary-infused bread – for R65. Bernie had the crumbed and deep-fried camembert served with a cranberry sauce and figs that cost R75.

BERRY NICE: The deep-fried camembert served with a cranberry sauce and figs, light but delicious Picture: ETHIENNE ARENDS

Bernie’s starter was light but tasty with the fig and cranberry working wonders with the cheese.

My chicken livers were awesome, the type of meal I want to have at least once-a-week; and the serving was not small, so it was like a whole meal for me.

For mains, Bernie went with the Grill Room’s “famous espatada” which are chunks of rump steak, (chicken an option too) served with garlic, bay leaves and salt, and that is basted with a sherry sauce skewed over hot coals – at a cost of R155. The 400g of sticky pork ribs was my meal of choice but the waiter insisted I have 600g for R165 – and it was so delicious and melt-in-your-mouth stuff, that I wasn’t sorry I had the extra.

Sticky pork ribs and the best cream spinach in town

To share, we had the best cream spinach I had ever tasted and a rich and delicious creamy biltong and cheese sauce. The meal truly hit the spot with the stars of the show the steak skewers that were simply flavoured, with the bay leaves working a treat.

For dessert, we both opted for crème brûlée with vanilla ice-cream which was decadent, smooth and not overly sweet; just my kind of dessert.

The Grill Room’s “famous espatada” are chunks of rump steak, with garlic, bay leaves and salt, and basted with a sherry sauce over hot coals

If you’re not feeling that peckish, you can also head over to the Grill Room to relax and enjoy a wide variety of select drinks, from fine wines to premium malts and liqueurs, which are also paired with your selection of prime cut meat. It is a fine-dining steakhouse that also offers salmon and prawns if you are not in the mood for the steaks, lamb shank, braised oxtail or the ribs (lamb, beef and pork available).

Crème brûlée with vanilla ice cream

Desserts such as the crêpe Suzette and cherries jubilee that will be flambéed at the table or as close to the table as possible, to create that extra bit of excitement and flair, will be one of the attractions.

The Grill Room provides a warm and intimate environment with a traditional yet upmarket steakhouse feel.


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