IN THE November 2 edition of the GO! & Express photo and caption on page 4, “Grand Lady” we left one of the owners of the Grosvenor Hotel out by mistake.

In the article, we said that the last two owners of the old hotel in King William’s Town were Mr W Smith and the Stutt Brick Co. Matter of fact, it was owned by Godfrey Clive Ireland-Low before the “Wilsons” or Stutt Brick bought it. Godfrey’s son, Richard Ireland-Low wrote to the GO! saying: “Prior to the Stutt Group [Wilsons] purchasing the hotel, it belonged to my late father, namely Godfrey Clive Ireland-Low . In fact, my family (Jonathan/Ireland-Low) owned this business from 1968, having purchased it from the Late Bill Smith, up to the point of sale to the Stutt Group in the 90’s.”. If you have any photo of a historic building or site, you can send it to or call (043) 702-2048 for information


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