Big haul take part

Event sees 93 fish caught and released

THE Rock and Surf Super Pro League Border Blacktips recently held their fifth competition of the season at Haga Haga, where 60 anglers battled it out for their share of the awesome prizes on offer.

The weather was mostly good and the sea conditions seemed fine at first glance, but turned out to be rather challenging due to a strong surge resulting in some tough fishing.

QUICK SNAPPER: The RASSPL Border Blacktips’s recent competition at Haga Haga saw Mark Birkholtz among the 60 anglers taking part Picture: SUPPLIED

Visiting angler, Lance Muller landed his very first kob weighing in at 5.2kg – also winning him Top Edible for the day – with member, Neville Kromhout winning Heaviest Ray with an Eagle Ray of 6.1kg.

Madden Openshaw won the Top Junior spot with a 30cm blacktail.

The big R2000 prize money at the end of a hard day’s fishing went to member Greg Timm for a 35cm blacktail.

A total of 93 fish were caught, with a combined weight of 79.8kg and consisting of 16 different species – which were all safely released to swim another day.

“A big thank you to Haga Haga Hotel for hosting this event, as well as Aquelle Water for hydrating us after a long day’s fishing,” Border Blacktips’ Shane Smit said.

Next Saturday, November 25, the club will be hosting their sixth rock ’n surf angling competition of the season, and the last for this year, at Kiwane.

“We have a tradition of ending the year off with a bang and this will be no different as there are some awesome prizes including cash up for grabs,” Smit said.

Anyone can enter a RASSPL (Rock and Surf Super Pro League) event and tickets can be bought at Bilimoria Fishing Tackle stores or Quality Baits in the SBDC.

Tickets for this competition are R150 for visitors, R50 for RASSPL members and under 14’s fish free.

“Remember that we are strictly a 100% catch and release club so everything must be released safely. Please ask about our rules and regulations including measuring procedures at any of the registrations and we will gladly assist,” Smit said.

Early registration will be with club secretary Sharon Miles on Friday, November 24 from 2pm at Chelsea Square B&B in Selborne.

We have a tradition of ending the year off with a bang and this will be no different as there are awesome prizes including cash up for grabs

Alternatively, anglers can register on the morning of the competition at Kiwane from 4.30am, with team manager John Frost.

The competition starts at 5am, with all scorecards to be handed in by no later than 3.30pm at the Kaysers Beach Social Club.

The fishing area for this competition is between the Chalumna River mouth and the Hamburg River mouth. Prize-giving will follow when all scores are finalised, at about 4pm. Inquiries: Shane on or 083-500-9654.


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