Berlin November days away

By Namhla Mbongendlu

The eagerly awaited annual Berlin November horse race is taking centre stage this weekend and once again has teamed up with the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board (ECGBB) in an effort to promote responsible gambling.

Young jockeys gallop through the dust during the 2016 Berlin November. Picture: ALAN EASON

ECGBB CEO Mabutho Zwane said: “As the Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Board we have a shared moral responsibility to drive brand awareness and education about responsible gambling through creating a presence on strategic platforms such as the Berlin November in order for us to engage and connect with our target audiences in an intriguing and positive way.

The board was a “primary partner of the Berlin November Traditional Horse racing event”, he added.

“Each year, we have a different theme, with this year’s theme being ‘take action against excessive and irresponsible gambling’.

“We hope that out of the campaign, we will provide an understanding to our punters that we need to minimise the harmful effects of excessive gambling,” said Zwane.

“It is important to note that there is no gambling or betting allowed at the Berlin November.”

The board hopes its message gets out loud and clear, and that with the festive season getting into the swing of things, it comes at the ideal time.

The Berlin November gets under way on Saturday morning, offering a full and varied day of festivities, events, food and drink to entertain visitors and spectators.


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