Fully geared for safer silly season

Traffic officials will be out in full force

BUFFALO City Metro has officially opened this year’s festive season.

The metro launched the silly season with a no-nonsense safety season campaign which consisted of a massive roadblock at the top of Oxford Street opposite the War Memorial in Southernwood.

LEADING THE WAY: Buffalo City mayor Xola Pakati took part in the launch of this season’s safety campaign last week Picture: THANDEKA NTLONTI

Some motorists got the shock of their lives when they were pulled aside by traffic officials for outstanding ticket fines using the newly acquired Automate Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) bus.

The ANPR system reads number plates and instantly brings up all traffic fines collected by the owner of the car.

“We are encouraging our people to not drink and drive. Our intention is to mitigate the carnage that takes place on our roads during the festive season.

“We want to see a safe Buffalo City, where people drive safely and their cars are roadworthy,” executive mayor Xola Pakati said.

The campaign, named after the biggest phrase on social media right now, Ska bapha chance – meaning “do not give them a chance” – is to simply keep roads safe this festive season.

The mayor reiterated that many roadblocks would be held this festive season, with traffic officials visible throughout the metro.

“We want to avoid the loss of lives caused by drinking and driving.

“We want people to come to our city; visitors are welcome but they must behave themselves. We have put up cameras throughout the city and we are watching every movement from our control room at Fleet Street fire department.”


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