A stroke of fortune

St Nicholas starts support group for stroke sufferers

RORY and Lin Middlecote are the new pastoral couple at St Nicholas Church, in Beacon Bay.

BRAVE TEAM: Lin Middlecote, centre, has partnered with stroke sufferers Sean Kristafor and Monique D’Olivera and are looking to start a stroke support group in East London Picture: SUPPLIED

In the process of getting to know people in their congregation and further afield, it became evident that there was a great need for a support group in East London for people whose lives have been profoundly affected after having had a stroke.

Lin has partnered with Sean Kristafor and Monique D’Olivera, two brave people who have both suffered strokes and would like to help others.

The objective of the group would be to offer support, as well as to have speakers from the medical field to share their expertise.

The first get-together will be on November 28 at 3pm at St Nicholas Church at 22 Pell Street.

For more information, call Lin on 076-118-8089.


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