Collondale mop-up

Community clean-up project takes off after BCM ‘neglect’

AFTER months of neglect from Buffalo City Municipality, members of the Collondale community in Willow Park have taken matters into their own hands.

The community recently held their second neighbourhood market day whereby the proceeds are contributed towards the costs of hiring a garden service to keep the area maintained.

Residents also contribute whatever they can afford towards the maintenance of their own neighbourhood.

“My niece and I realised we had to do something about the state Collondale was in, so in February we started this clean-up project. We then elected a street committee, who collect donations in their streets every month. The project has now grown to receive regular contributions from more than 30 residents,” Collondale resident Jenny Vermeulen said.

With Vermeulen’s guidance a group of 10 residents initiated the project, taking to the streets to clean up the neighbourhood themselves.

From cutting grass to cleaning gutters and picking up litter, community members hired weedeaters and laboured away.

“This year BCM has cut the grass once, leaving cuttings on the ground because they stated the area was too big. We started doing the work ourselves, but now hire a garden service once a month to ensure the area is maintained,” said Vermeulen.

Despite being municipal land, BCM have neglected regular up keep of the area, from not cutting grass, to collecting refuse days after the designated day.

Apart from raising funds to keep their neighbourhood clean, the Collondale community market days are also bringing residents together.

“It is lovely to see such a positive thing while there is so much negativity around. I am very happy to support and to see the improvement in our area,” said fellow resident, Karin Luff.

Local businesses such as Amalinda Nursery, Crafts Unlimited, Rob’s Pallets, Tyres Creations Versatile Couriers and many others have also taken to contributing to the success of Collondale’s market days.

“I am not a member of the admin staff, but I like to involve businesses with these market days and make sure that they turn out successful. The clean-up project has made a huge difference to our community,” said Luff.

“You can really see the difference, the area looks wonderful and children can actually play on the fields.”

The community is now looking to level out another piece of municipal land and remove garbage from the area that has accumulated over the years.

If anyone is willing to hire out a Backhoe Loader (TLB) and driver in order to achieve this, please contact Vermeulen on 083-648-1895.


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