Big variety spice of life at ‘little theatre’

FOR many years, the little theatre in Cambridge known as the Alexander Playhouse, has provided entertainment and a platform for local performers to showcase and explore their talents. It has seen many performers, with their humble beginnings on the community theatre stage, move on to bigger and better things, creating a bright future for themselves.

STARTING TODAY: World champion dancers Ashley Behrens and Chace Collett will star in the vaudeville-style ‘Spectacular’ at the Alexander Playhouse this week Picture: SUPPLIED

Unfortunately over time deterioration has stuck its ugly claws into our beloved theatre. Therefore, the Dramsoc committee has decided to launch a series of exciting fundraising events to upgrade the theatre.

East London audiences can look forward to events, such as a guitar evening, a karaoke competition and a Rocktober festival, to be launched next year.

The first event, taking place from today to Saturday, is an energetic variety show.

Audiences can look forward to performers such as international champion dancers Ashley Behrens and Chace Collett and local rock band Arockalypse, among others.

Come and enjoy an evening of spectacular entertainment. Audiences can look forward to some “best of” numbers, something new, something breathtaking, something exciting and something entertaining.

This vaudeville-style mixture of music, dance and drama are sure to provide an excellent kickstart to the festive season.

Tickets are available at Lee Gold Music at R80 and audiences are invited to bring picnic baskets.


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