Buyiswa top of class

EAST London domestic worker Buyiswa Seyisi was recently named Student of the year at the East London Boston City Campus and Business College graduation ceremony.

TOP STUDENT:Buyiswa Seyisi at the Boston City Campus and Business College graduation ceremony, where she received the Student of the Year award Picture: CLAYTON WEBB

Seyisi, 49, who has been working as a domestic worker for the McLean family since 2008, completed the college’s Office Assistant short learning programme.

The course consisted of seven modules which Seyisi completed over the course of the year. In order to obtain her certificate, a minimum of 75% and above for each module was required.

“It was very difficult, especially at my age. Some of my friends in the class were born in 1997. I still can’t believe that I actually did this,” said Seyisi.

Working as a fulltime housekeeper and nanny in the McLean household, Seyisi attended classes four times a week for two hours each day as well as workshops and practicals, often studying until midnight every day to master the seven computer and business subjects.

“When I first started the course I didn’t even know how to hold the computer mouse. I think my favourite part was learning how to use the computer,” she said.

Hailing from King William’s Town, Seyisi never managed to obtain her matric certificate, failing twice before having to drop out in order to aid her struggling family.

Today Seyisi is fully proficient in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Windows and Ecxel with a striking confidence.

“She was such a dedicated and hardworking student. She was always ready to give 200 %. It’s a marvellous achievement for her and it really was not easy. We often get students who have obtained Bcom degrees, but battle to pass this business and computer course,” said Boston City Campus and Business College principal, Penny Whitfield.

“It has given her so much confidence and I really hope that she tries more things and keeps learning. She has a real drive and thirst for knowledge.”

Chosen out of 200 students in the occupational skills department, Seyisi’s determined attitude and continuous effort is what helped her bag the college’s prestigious award.

“I am incredibly proud of Buyiswa and what she has achieved through sheer determination and hard work. “What a wonderful example to our children of setting a goal and pursuing it no matter how difficult the road,” Taralyn McLean said.


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