Peppermint can aid digestion and calm the tummy

IT IS near that time of the year again – busy with shopping, holidays and gauging ourselves with more fast food! Year end festivities are around the corner!

Stricter dietary control gets tossed out the window. In through the door, comes more food and drinks. Often happy times equal abundant yummy food. Sorry … but your digestive system can only handle so much and soon will complain about some indigestion. 

Try not to overeat, but when you do, perhaps a little of a green herb named peppermint may bring back your smile and comfort. Rubbing a bit of peppermint oil and carrier oil on your tummy may relax an upset tummy with colic, even in babies!

Complimentary mint sweets are often given after a meal at some restaurants. Is it just to freshen up your breath? Could it be traced back to ancient use of the mint herb to assist digestion?

Truth be told, most mint sweets are flavoured these days and don’t contain the main oil of mint – which is menthol. So you might only be eating mint-flavoured sweets with none of the benefits!

Peppermint oil is also said to assist with headaches and nausea while it relaxes muscles! Don’t forget, it is great for common colds in clearing respiratory congestion and infections.

This herb has calming effects and studies show it eases intestinal cramping with its anti-spasmodic properties. If you suffer from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), peppermint in slow release capsules may really be a useful aid for you in some cases.

Historically, peppermint was created between water mint and spearmint. This little bright green herb grows abundantly in gardens. It is refreshing to add peppermint leaves to ice cream, rich meat based dishes, uplifting iced teas, salads and much more.

Records of peppermint have been traced back to a few thousand years ago. You might even think better by inhaling some fresh mint oil, while it is said to enhance your energy and concentration!

This holiday season let the strong aromatics of mint ease the traffic of food through your body. – ANASTACIA SAMPSON


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