Piping it up

Last week Thursday the East London Caledonian Society, with permission, flew Scotland’s flag at East London City Hall. This annual practice was first recorded in 1916.

The East London society was founded in 1876 and is the oldest extant Caledonian Society in southern Africa. The flag derives from the experience of King Angus McFergus who was at war in AD 845. On the night before the decisive battle, St Andrew appeared in a dream and promised victory. When Angus awoke, he saw an X-shaped cloud formation against the blue sky. November 30 is the day St Andrew was executed in AD 69. St Andrew died on an X-shaped cross. To celebrate St Andrew, dancers Jada Simons, left, and Hannah Thorne from Piderit Highland Dance Studio performed outside the city hall. They are doing the Highland Fling, a victory dance originally danced on his targe (shield) by a warrior, with Dave Rankin providing the Scottish sounds


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