Kempston Lifestyle Centre an ‘umbrella’ to plenty

THE Kempston Lifestyle Centre boasts many exciting lifestyle avenues that fall within in the Kempston umbrella, featuring Dragonfly Interior, the CLAAS brand and its Forklift division, a stunning coffee shop available to the public and a secure play area for the kids.

CHOICE OFFERING: The Kempston Lifestyle Centre incorporates decor and relaxation at this dynamic centre. The centre and coffee shop is open daily with a simple yet delicious menu. Pictured is the lounge at the centre Picture: SUPPLIED

The Kempston Lifestyle Centre officially opened to the public on October 2 providing a showcase of Kempston products in a relaxed and dynamic setting.

“A place where clients are able to meet with the correct department correlating to their specific requirements,” shares Odette Harvey.

Incorporating decor and relaxation at this dynamic centre, the Dragonfly Interiors offers a stunning internal decorating division to the Kempston Group headed by Tracy Timm.

Distributed exclusively by the Kempston Group, the CLAAS tractor and collectable divisions have become quite a trend in South Africa. The CLAAS division of the centre showcases a phenomenal collection of CLAAS collectables and children’s products, ranging from baby clothing and accessories, toddler CLAAS tractors and toys, through to the trusty brands quality clothing and accessories for men and women of all ages.

The Kempston Lifestyle Centre and Coffee Shop are open to the public from Monday to Friday (8am to 4pm). With a simple yet delicious menu available, enjoy that quick cup of coffee and cake between the school run-around or during a short lunch-hour at the Kempston Lifestyle Centre in Old Transkei Road.


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