A furry family in need of a home

AN UNUSUAL trio has created a special bond which proves that family is as real in the animal world as it is in the human sphere.

WE ARE FAMILY: From left, Daisy, Luna and Sarge. All three were brought to Pet Pals when their family decided to emigrate and could not find homes for them Picture: MADELEINE CHAPUT

Daisy, Luna and Sarge arrived at Pet Pals in East London over six months ago, when their family decided to emigrate and was unable to find suitable homes for them.

The golden Yorkie/terrier- cross, mixed breed hound and tabby cat have been living at Pet Pals ever since, enjoying all that the local animal sanctuary has to offer their little family.

“Soon after the three arrived, someone fell in love with Daisy, offering a new home and family for her, and to be honest I was worried about the separation anxiety,” said East London Pet Pals founder Sue Kriel.

“Daisy managed to escape the first night at her new home. We still don’t know how she did it, because that home was like Fort Knox.”

Daisy was found roaming the streets two days later and returned to her adoptive family, but soon taken back to Pet Pals. “She went absolutely mad when she saw her big sister, Luna.”

Daisy and Luna are inseparable, spending all their time together at the sanctuary while their feline brother, Sarge, is less bothered by family ties unless food is involved. Both dogs allow Sarge to eat out of their bowls on a daily basis and live with more than six other cats in their turquoise house at the sanctuary.

“Luna is a gentle giant. She is a big softy and is not aggressive or over-protective when it comes to Daisy. Luna just loves her to bits,” said Kriel. “Daisy is only three years old and has lots of energy. She has the sweetest nature. They’re both lovely animals.”

Daisy’s escape artist skills make breaking out of the Pet Pals enclosure look like child’s play, but she has never tried.

“They’re both happy here and I don’t have the heart to separate them. Luna suffered in the short time Daisy was gone and Daisy wanted to be back here. I hope to find them a home together soon.”

If anyone would like to give these two furry sisters a loving home or assist Pet Pals, contact Sue Kriel on 082-850-8935.


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