Urgent need for pet adoptions, donations

THE King William’s Town SPCA kennels and cattery are full of animals in desperate need of adoption.

WELCOME GIFT: The King William’s Town SPCA is most grateful to Corry Viera, who made these toys for pets for both the East London and King William’s Town SPCA Picture: SUPPLIED

Annette Rademeyer of the SPCA said this week that the animal welfare body would also be facing various challenges during the year.

These include the urgent need to maintain and renovate the kennels and cattery, which were looking rather shabby.

The SPCA is also in dire need of a vehicle and an inspector needs to be employed.

The latter is quite a challenge as such a person must be qualified and adhere to stringent requirements for the position.

The SPCA would also need, as it did every year, for the community to donate dog and cat food, fodder for farm animals, as well as petrol and blankets for the animals.

“The kennels need to be painted and damp-proofed,” Rademeyer said.

Although a pressing need, the revamping of the kennels and cattery could unfortunately not be done in 2017 due to a lack of funds.

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Volunteers over the age of 16 wanting to help out at the SCPA in King would be welcomed as would companies or businesses wanting to help renovate the kennels.

Anyone interested in helping the King William’s Town SPCA to ensure the wellbeing of animals in the area during the year can contact the SPCA on 043- 643-6008.

The after-hours number, only to be used in cases of emergency, is 082-255-4991.


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