Villagers rushed to hospitals after eating toxic meat

By Nonsindiso Qwabe

A major health scare rocked Mpoza village last night when more than 50 people including 16 children from Mpoza village near Tsolo had to be rushed to various hospitals around Mthatha.

50 villagers in the Mthatha area were rushed to hospitals around the town after eating toxic meat Picture: FILE

Health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said villagers allegedly ate meat from a dead cow.

The group said the animal had died from a snake bite.

Kupelo said fortunately there were no fatalities due to the toxic meat. The people were treated at Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital, Mthatha Regional Hospital and Dr Malizo Mpehle Hospital. “Teams of medical doctors were despatched to the hospitals to deal with the influx. Given the mass casualty nature of the incident, St BarnabasHospital in Libode was also on standby to create space for additional patients,” he said.

Kupelo said all suffered with similar symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhoea, headaches and stomach cramps.

“The department is urging communities to stop consuming meat from dead animals as it is dangerous to do so.” he said.



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