Beach under threat

OOK AFTER IT: Concerns have been raised about irresponsible dog owners who frequent Nahoon beach Picture: MADELEINE CHAPUT

THE pristine Nahoon Beach is under threat from people who ignore municipal by-laws and allow their dogs to run freely without cleaning up their mess.

Nahoon resident, Mark Ristow, said this week he was concerned about the state of the beach.

“There is a big board that states the rules and by-laws of the beach, but people have the tendency of ignoring these. The life guards always reprimand people who consume alcohol in public and those who play music loudly, but ignore the ones that stroll on the shore with their dogs running freely instead of being on a leash.”

He said recently a big dog was let loose at the beach, which caused fear among beachgoers.

“The dog looked like it could attack anyone. Animals are unpredictable. What frustrates me the most is the people that do not go after their dogs to pick up the faeces. Someone could step in it.”

Ristow said he had alerted the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality about the matter and has made sure that the executive mayor, Xola Pakati, knows about it, but the situation remains unchanged.

“Nahoon beach is a family and popular beach. I think the municipality must take care of its facilities, it cannot enforce by-laws and then not take these to action.”

BCM spokesperson, Bathandwa Diamond, said going to the beach should not cause any discomfort to members of the public due to inconsiderate people.

“The municipal by-law states that dogs are not allowed within the bathing area, and that dogs walked on the beach should always be on a leash.”

Owners who did not abide by the rules could be liable for a fine amounting to R300.

“Owners must also clean up after their dogs, and should be [held] liable for any attacking or biting of a member of the public by their pets.”

“We urge people to report those who are breaking the law by contacting our Law Enforcement Unit on 043-722-1819,” Diamond said.


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