Help group ‘bless’ fire victims

KIND HEARTED LOCALS: The people behind the Blessings from Me to You East London facebook group who helped out at the Emagalini Abomvu Informal Settlements after a recent fire, from left, Lorainne Pretorius, Vilmer Preston and Louise Torr Picture: SUPPLIED

A FACEBOOK group created by East London resident Louise Torr in September last year is helping the needy.

Torr’s group, “Blessings from Me to You”, was established with the aim of assisting those facing tough challenges.

Help is provided in terms of the provision of clothing, food via soup kitchens and basic furniture. The group also tries to hand give out gifts at Christmas time and on birthdays to children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

It is not only human beings who benefit from the Facebook group’s members – even animal welfare bodies get help.

“Blessings from Me to You believes that every person has a right to adequate food obtained with dignity. We work to prevent hunger and malnutrition by providing food to people in need today to be a hunger-free community tomorrow. We work for a city where women, men and children live a healthy, fulfilling life, to build confidence, and to organise communities to take charge of their own development.”

Recently, the group helped out community members of Emagalini Abomvu informal settlement in Leaches Bay where a fire broke out, gutting the homes of several residents.

“It is alleged that the fire was caused by an illegal electric connection. About 34 shacks were gutted but fortunately there were no deaths or injuries of humans. Four dogs died.”

Those affected were moved to the Robbie de Lange Hall in Greenfields for shelter until their homes could be rebuilt.

Fire victims were given bedding and clothing donations from the locals who are members of the group.

“We have also donated food, furniture and building materials for those in need. Unfortunately we can not provide more as we have dipped into our own food supplies to help them.”

Anyone willing to donate, can contact Torr at on 081-774-3509.


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