A passion to promote chess

IN THE ZONE: Pupils focusing during a chess tournament during the AK Duda Sport Festival recently

KULASANDE Mafanya, 27, has a passion for chess – and as the highest rated player in the Buffalo City Chess Union, he is keen to share his knowledge.

Formerly of Butterworth, Mafanya started playing chess when he was in Grade 12 in 2008.

He was taught by his friend, Odwa Soldati, and the two founded the Mafanya Chess

Foundation last year with the mission of developing talent in the province.

“Our purpose is to ‘plant’ chess all over the Eastern Cape. We want to hold tournaments because I believe that the game can play a vital role in a person’s life.”

Due to financial challenges, Mafanya found a way of making ends meet by using his talent to teach young people the intricacies of the game.

“I struggled to complete my studies due to a lack of funds, so chess helped me a quite lot.

I taught chess at George Randall, Cambridge, Hudson Park and I’m currently helping players from Clarendon Primary School.”

Mafanya said they needed chess boards and pieces. “There is a chess club in Mdantsane that we are reviving and in Southernwood we are starting a new club.”

He has spoken to the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture for funding.
Call him on 078-903-4334.


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