Spring tide warning

NSRI are urging caution around the coastline today, this weekend, and into the first half of next week due to the Full Moon Spring Tide that peaks today with full moon.

Bathers swimming in the ocean and anglers fishing along the shoreline are most at risk and anyone visiting the coast should be aware of the full moon Spring Tide which brings a higher than normal high tide, a lower than normal low tide and stronger than normal rip currents and extreme caution is advised.

The month of March enjoys a second Blue Moon month for the year, the next Spring Tide is at New Moon, 17th March, and again at full moon (Blue Moon) on the 31st March.

NSRI urge members of the public to be aware of Spring Tides that occur at every Full Moon and New Moon, their effect on the ocean and the dangers they pose to bathers and sea users.


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