New ‘Gogo’ tale now on the shelf

RADIOGRAPHER turned children’s author Kathy Hill has recently released the second instalment of her Gogo series, self-publishing the book through the leading provider of supported self-publishing services in the UK, Author House.

WRITE STUFF: Kathy Hill has recently released the second instalment of her ‘gogo’ series, titled ‘Gogo and the Runaway Mushroom’. She also does all the illustrations in the book. Picture: MADELEINE CHAPUT

Her new children’s book, Gogo and the Runaway Mushroom follows Gogo and her grandson, Q, as they have an adventure in the kitchen.

Inspired by an experience Hill had with her own grandson while cooking at home, her writing skills and illustrations have transformed the experience into a fantastical children’s story.

“A mushroom jumped out of my hand and rolled away as I was cooking. We both laughed so much and I just remember thinking ‘there’s another story here’,” Hill said.

While Hill’s previous book, Gogo and the Upside-down Umbrella is set to go to the London Book Fair in the UK next month, she is already hard at work producing the third book in the series.

Having already received great feedback from children and parents alike, Hill aims to keep writing stories about Gogo and Q’s adventures until the Gogo series becomes well recognised.

“I was chatting to a young mother recently and she had her little girl at her hip. I gave her my business card and as I passed it over, her little girl said “Gogo” because she recognised the illustration. That gave me goosebumps and makes me hopeful for the second book’s success,” Hill said.

She writes as well as illustrates her stories, giving her grandson, Q, who lives in London with his parents, a chance to approve her drawings over Skype.

“The best part of this journey is definitely writing the stories. The illustrations take a bit longer, but I really enjoy them too,” Hill said.

“Q and I are enjoying this experience together and I think that is the most rewarding part. He loves seeing himself in the books.”

For more information on the series or to purchase a book, contact Hill on 082-823-3067.


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