Gallery opens doors for the love of art

GIVING ARTISTS A PLATFORM: Artist Litha Ncokasi Founder and Managing Director of Art Versatile cc, Litha Ncokazi, is an self driven artist who has opened his the Art Versatile gallery based at the East London ICC premises at the BEast London beachfront. His vision is for the gallery to become a hub for creative excellence and a platform for cutting-edge visual art and design innovation Picture:SIVENATHI GOSA

NGCOBO-BORN artist Litha Ncokazi’s , 34, is a passionate art enthusiast with a love of for art that drove him to open his own art gallery – called Art Versatile – , which is situated at the East London International Convention Centre (ICC).

In 2001, Ncokazi enrolled at Border Technikon where he pursued his art studies. in art and that is where During this time, he was introduced to the various art forms ranging from ceramics, sculpting, sculptor, fine arts and photography.

“I realised that art is not just a matter of talent, but a voice that one can develop until one is they are able to utilise it. I believe artists see life in their own different perspective,” he said.

The F34-year-old fine Aarts lecturer at Walter Sisulu University, said his vision for the gallery is for it to continue to grow keep growing and be a space for the public to enjoy.

The gallery aims to be a platform for the best visual art and handmade crafts in the Eastern Cape province.

“The ideas we put on the canvas tend to be something an ordinary person relates to, that is how we sell our work,” Ncokazi he said.

“Our passion is to see artists realise their gifts, especially the people those who are only focusing on their artwork and don’t have any other form of employment. With us selling their work, we want to boost their confidence and give them reassurance that although there would be moments are times when their work does not sell, they must not lose hope, ” explained Ncokazi .

He said the gallery was driven by a desire to become a hub for creative excellence and a platform for cutting-edge visual art and design innovation.

“We are about selling our province, to make art a tourist attraction,” he said.

Ncokazi said they did not charge artists for displaying their work, but they did get a commission when the piece was sold.

For more information, visit People can visit the gallery’s website at on


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