BCM’S save water drive


THE Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCM) is heading out to schools and shopping malls to spread awareness about water shortages facing the city.

The BCM campaign forms part of a broader national campaign driven by the Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) to mark National Water Week from March 19 to 23.

“The metro’s water agents will be visiting schools in Mdantsane, Duncan Village and King William’s Town as well as malls in all three regions to educate people and pupils about water and how to conserve water,” BCM spokesperson Bathandwa Diamond said this week.

The agents will not only educate the public about saving water, they will also be familiarised about water-related problems faced by consumers.

“Even though we had good rains, the metro is also calling on its residents to use water wisely and sparingly in order to avoid a possible water crisis like the Cape Town Day Zero situation,” she said.

Since the city implemented the water usage restrictions due to low dam levels last year, there has been a significant improvement at the Bridle Drift and Rooikrans dams.
The latest statistics show a significant drop in dam levels in some of the main dams compared with the same period the previous year, which indicates that a drought situation is approaching.

“The municipality is also currently implementing a water conservation and water demand management strategy to address the non-revenue water/ distribution water losses, which includes the following activities, among other things: consumer awareness campaigns and education; a pipe-replacement programme, a water meter replacement programme; new meter installations in flat-rated areas; active leakage control and repairs of reported municipal water leaks.”


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