ANC youth clean up in Mdantsane

MOPPING UP: African National Congress Youth members in Ward 20, Mdantsane, embark on a clean-up of Units 6, 7 and 8 in the township as part of a big walk clean-up campaign

AFRICAN National Congress Youth League members in Ward 20 in Mdantsane, spent last Saturday morning cleaning the streets of the township, with the purpose of maintaining – and building – a clean environment in the community.

Their clean-up involved Units 6, 7 and 8 in the township. walked three units of the township; six, seven and eight.

Chairperson of the ANCYL Ward 20, Lwando Pisane, said this was their first initiative to unite their ward as the youth, having come up with the idea of whereby they came up with the idea of a big walk cleaning programme.

“This is one of many projects that the organisation is doing; “We are also in the process of having a cancer and diabetes big walk, where we make people aware about these illnesses , especially to the young people.

“We as young people tend to think that these two diseases are only for the elderly.

“People still need to be educated about the diseases, we want to rally the community in fighting the stigma,and also be able to give assistance to the people who are suffering from it,” said Pisane.

“We will also be distributing sanitary pads to schools in Mdantsane, as there is a crisis among young people who cannot afford to buy their own, which means they do not attend school.”

He said they were planning on having skills development programmes,such as; farming, knitting and planting for the youth who are having difficulties in finding employment.

“We are planning to approach government departments and private sectors to give us bursaries for young people who are in need, and asking the leaders of the community and police to engage with members of the community about crime prevention,” he said.

Pisane said Buffalo City Municipality waste management in unit 6 donated the cleaning materials.


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