Shoprite Checkers employees to protest working conditions with picketing outside of stores

Shoprite Checkers employees will embark on a nationwide protest on Wednesday after meetings with management failed to come to an agreement.

In a statement the South African Commercial‚ Catering and Allied Workers Union (Saccawu) said there were a number of issues that the company failed to accommodate their workers on.

“The company’s unilateral change to working conditions. Provision of safe and reliable transport for late night and early morning shifts arranged and paid for by the company. Reinstatement of [the] dismissed Checkers Sandton 23 (who were dismissed for protesting against unilateral changes to their working hours). Guaranteed minimum working hours for part-time workers below five years [of] service. Conversion of all part-time workers with five or more years of service to full-time permanent employment‚” the statement read.

“Workers have been too tolerant of the company’s arrogant and selfish attitude to a point that some workers literally have to subsidise their employment. Despite the company raking in millions and millions in profits‚ workers are still expected to work unsociable hours and then find their way home irrespective of the hazards they may face in doing so‚ yet expected to report for work the following day‚ and be productive. It is clear that workers can only and will only be taken seriously if they put up a fight in pursuance of their interests.”

Employees will be picketing outside of stores. The industrial action is planned for Wednesday and Thursday but should the retail company fail to review its stance on the issues raised‚ the strike is to continue indefinitely.

Cosatu tweeted: “COSATU Western Cape supports #SACCAWU strike…Cosatu further calls on all workers and communities to not cross the picket line and not to enter the Shoprite stores for the duration of the strike. @CapeTalk @EWNAfrikaans @SABCNewsOnline @ANN7tv @POWER987News @Radio702”

Khanyisani tweeted: “Today if you are going to buy your groceries at Shoprite you are supporting Low salaries that Shoprite staff gets #ShopriteStrike.”

– TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.


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