A great day at the EL Zoo

FAMILY TIME: Visitors to the East London Zoo enjoyed an open day on Saturday

EAST London residents had the opportunity to explore the city’s zoo during the its annual open day on Saturday.

Friends of East London Zoo (Felzoo) manager Angeline Wheeler said the event aimed to bring families together with the opportunity to enjoy the facilities at the zoo without charge.

“Buffalo City Municipality [BCM] gave permission to host the event for the public. We want the public to be aware about the condition of the animals,” she said.

The GO! reported (“Petition to close down city’s zoo”, January 25) that a petition had been circulated to close down the zoo due to the neglected state of the facility.

Petition to close down city’s zoo

A concerned local took to social media and posted pictures of the animals that looked frail and sickly.

Wheeler said since the matter had been brought to the attention of the public, things had changed.

“Our animals are old, but they are in a healthy condition. We do have farmers who give carcasses for the meat-eating animals. Our top priority is their health, so we make sure we give fresh food and a veterinarian also visits the zoo,” Wheeler said.

Security had also improved with police officers patrolling the premises.

Action planned on security at the zoo

Belgravia resident, Luyanda Mbebe took his three children to enjoy the zoo.

“I decided to take the children out on this wonderful day as I saw it fitting for them to spend their day here before the schools reopen on Tuesday,” said Mbebe said.
Rachel Samson,12, spent her day at the zoo with her family.

GALLERY:Open day at the zoo

“I love being here at the zoo because I love the playing on the swings and I also like seeing the animals,” said Samson.


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