Authorities rule out ‘criminal activity’ in Avicii death

By Jessica Levitt

There are still no answers around the death of DJ Avicii‚ with his family arriving in Oman to try and piece together what happened.

here are still no answers around the death of DJ Avicii. Picture: GETTY IMAGES

Avicii was at a holiday resort in Muscat with friends and photos of the days leading up to his death show him looking happy and healthy.

It’s believed authorities in Oman have ruled out any criminal activity and have conducted two postmortems on the DJ.

The 28-year-old’s family‚ including his siblings‚ have arrived in Muscat to try and gather information on what happened.

Hotel guests who were staying at the same resort as him said he happily took pictures with fans and acted like any other guest‚ eating meals in the common areas.

The DJ retired from public performances in 2016. At the time he said he had developed several health issues because of his excessive drinking.

It’s believed he stopped drinking in 2016 and has been sober since.


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