SA Weather Service issue weather warnings

SEA RESCUE – NATIONAL – Wednesday, 25th April. SA Weather Service issue weather warnings:

NSRI are urging the public to follow the SA Weather Service advisory and to be alert to the approaching storm conditions.

NSRI urge the public to be cautious around the coastline today, tomorrow and over the next few days following the Weather Service alerts to storm conditions causing heavy sea swells and rough seas brought on by the approaching cold front.

Gale Force winds, thunderstorms, hail, rough seas, localised flooding and hail are predicted in places over this time period.

Bathers, boaters, paddlers, sailors, surfers and anglers are urged to be cautious around the coastline during this cold front and for the days following the cold front.

While the alert is concentrated from Alexander Bay to Algoa Bay NSRI urge all coastal users to be cautious at all times and to monitor the weather advisory of SA Weather Service for alerts.

NSRI and Emergency Services are on high alert.


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