Mother inspires others on journey with cancer

MOTHER of two Danielle Luck, who lives on the east coast, had her life turned upside down after being diagnosed with finding out she had breast cancer.

Luck received the devastating The bad news happened two days before her 29th birthday, on July 31 last year. 2017.

“I never thought in a million years that I would hear those words from the doctor,” Luck said. breaking down the hectic news to me,” said Luck.

“I was in shock and numb. While I was waiting to see the counsellor at the Frere Hospital all I could think about was what was going to happen to my children, my two boys who are four and six years old – and my fiancée.

“I only had negative thoughts lingering in my head, because the relatives I know who had had the disease did not survive it,” she said.

Luck, at the time of her diagnosis, was still engaged and was planning her dream wedding with her future husband. Her treatment consisted of six chemotherapy and 28 radiation sessions.

“It has been tough on us, especially financially, as due to the treatments, I was very tired and was not able to work a full day. I had also exhausted all my sick leave days due to feeling too tired and sick after treatment to go to work.

“I am very fortunate that I am from a close family unit and with their love and prayers I knew that we would get through this journey.”

Luck said she was thankful that the treatment was over and grateful for the fact that thankful that she had had the most amazing support group to pray with her and her family through this time.

“I am most thankful that my Lord Jesus Christ carried me through this time, showered me with His blessings and covered me with His peace knowing that after the treatment that this is done.”

Luck said she had indicated she learned so much about herself and grew closer in her relationship with God and felt that He had equipped her to go out and encourage people by telling them her story and sharing her journey.

On May 5, Luck has arranged a fund-raising event from 1 to 3pm at Umnenga Lodge on the east coast, where she will share her journey with others.
Tickets for the event cost R100 each.


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