Rotary Arcadia gives pupils boost

A VISIT from Rotary Arcadia members to judge a decorative project at the school recently had Thoboshana Primary School pupils excited.

At the end of last year, thanks to the Jacobsson Trust, the Rotary Club of Arcadia donated mobile library cupboards to each of the eight classrooms at the school.

Over the last few months, pupils were asked to decorate these cupboards, highlighting the importance of reading.On Thursday last week, the president of the Rotary Club of Arcadia, Rommy Naude, viewed all the cupboards and chose a winner.

Grade 2 teacher, Zaleka Fadana’s class were the overall winners, receiving a funky disco ball to brighten up the reading corner in their classroom.

The school, which started out as a small farm school in 1989, now caters for more than 300 pupils and has undergone extensive renovations and refurbishments through Rotary Arcadia.

The Rotary Club became involved with the school in 2011 and has since, through various sponsors and donors, renovated school buildings, put in new flooring and water tanks and installed a new kitchen and made many other improvements.

“I am flabbergasted at the improvements Thoboshana has gone through in such a short time, not only thanks to Rotary, but also to the principal, who has been fiercely dedicated to her students and school,” Naude said.

After nearly 30 years with little to no involvement from the Department of Education, principal Nandi Qinela has managed to get them to assist.

The Department of Public Works has also chipped in, offering to do the physical work involved in renovating the school grounds, with the building materials being provided by Rotary.

For her dedication and hard work towards improving the school, Qinela was awarded a Vocational and a Community certificate by the Rotary Club.

“There is an art to running a school as well as Nandi has. She had created a positive, vibrant and safe learning environment and we just wanted to acknowledge her and the instrumental role she has played,” Naude said.


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