Still active at the age of 108

MARVELLOUS MILESTONE: Muriel Lack with her son Brian Lack, 73, at the Kennersley Park Old Age Home, celebrating Muriel’s 108th birthday Picture: SIVENATHI GOSA

FEW people are blessed enough to live up to a century. Muriel Lack is one of those few.
Muriel celebrated her 108th birthday last week Thursday at the Kennersley Park Old Age Home, where she is based.

Muriel celebrated her birthday with her son, Brian Lack, who is 73 years old, and other senior citizens who are patients at the home.

Lack was born on May 4 1910 in Kimberley, and spent her childhood there. In 1935 she got married to the late Cecil Lack and had two children, Brian Lack and Jennifer Whittaker.
She also has four grandchildren. They moved to East London in 1975.

Sadly, Cecil Lack passed away on April 4 2009, at the age of 99.

According to her son, Muriel has always maintained an active lifestyle.She was a roller skating model in her teenage years, played golf in her sixties, and continued to play bridge eagerly well past 100.

“She does not let her age stop her from doing what she wants to do, she enjoys doing handwork, and going into the garden,” he said.

Her son also said that his mother cared much for those around her.

“The nurse always tells me she wheels herself from door to door to check on her friends and other patients – she is a people’s person and very encouraging.”

Naturally, one can’t help but wonder what Muriel’s secret for a long life could be. Her son said he might have the answer: “I eavesdropped on a conversation she had where she was asked what her secret behind her longevity was, and she said it was spinach. My wife used to make nice spinach tarts – I guess she enjoyed them.”

La said she has been a wonderful mother “I thank the Lord for her, all the love and kindness she has for my family,” he said.

Muriel said: “I am blessed, and grateful to my Heavenly Father for giving me yet another year to celebrate.

“Today has been a good day.”


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