Help flows in for water effort


IN A country such as South Africa where drought is a serious problemas dry as, South Africa, water is a precious commodity. And

Unfortunately, sometimes those who need it most have the hardest time getting it.
Founder of Talita van der Heever, founder of non-profit Talita Cumi Outreach, Talita van der Heever, hopes to change that.

Last week, the GO! reported on a campaign organised by Van der Heever (“Relieving Cape Town’s Thirst” May 3) in which she recorded a WhatsApp message pleading on WhatsApp in which she pleaded with locals to assist the people of Cape Town’s during the city’s Day Zero crisis.

Her idea quickly went viral on social media and in less than 24 hours, her phone was flooded with messages from people and companies looking to help.

Since then, Van der Heever has been kept busy with her continued activism. She is currently holding motivational talks around the country in order to fundraise for the outreach project to install Jojo tanks in schools and old age homes.

Relieving Cape Town’s thirst

“We are also fundraising to help peoplethose who are suffering from terminal illnesses and are having difficulty paying their medical costs. We are also helping educational centres in and around the city, such as Step Up.” Van der Heever said she had lost count of on the number of people who had that have benefitted from the outreach programme.

She said more than “More than 100000 people had given towards the water campaign and more than 1000 had supported local beneficiarieswith the water, local beneficiaries easily more than 1000,” indicated Van der Heever.

Talita Cumi OutreachThe outreach also teaches has a program where they teach young women photographic skills and beauty therapy.

“This is to empower and equip them with skills they need, especially those who can’t afford to further their studies in these two career choices,” she said.I want young women who are interested to be in the beauty industry to come send join us.”
Any readers interested in getting involved can contact Van der Heever on 061-971-1533


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