Dams bring relief to EL residents

This week has seen the average dam levels across the province decrease from 68.8% last week to 68.5%. The provincial average has thus dropped by 0.3%, according to a weekly report issued by the Department of Water and Sanitation.

Department spokesperson Sputnik Ratau said The Algoa Water System with five dams serving the Nelson Mandela Metro has a declined weekly and this can be attributed to the lack of rains due to the change of season.

“This week, the system is at a low level of 22. 3%, a decline from 22. 9% recorded last week. Under this water system Kouga Dam is  sitting at 9.3%, Impofu Dam at 34.8 % and Krom Dam at 17.2%, an indication that drought is hitting the side of Nelson Mandela Bay.”

Ratau said this week that, Amathola Water System, with major dams serving Buffalo City Metro, is at 92%.

“The dams that are under this system such as Nahoon Dam, Laing Dam and Rooikrantz Dam, are above 90. The water consumers of Buffalo City Metro will have sufficient water during this season,” concluded Ratau.

The Department of Water and Sanitation is appealing to the communities to adopt water saving measures as we move towards the winter season.


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