School derbies concern

A STATEMENT by headmasters of nine East London former Model C schools has been released outlining their concern over the safety and welfare of schools regarding pupils who that gather in large numbers to socialise after weekend sports derby days.

The principals stated that the gatherings occurred mostly along Devereux Avenue and may include boys and girls as young as 12 years of age.

The high schools affected are Cambridge, Stirling High School, Clarendon, Baysville, Grens and Hudson Park.

“According to the SAPS, alcohol is always involved.

“Inappropriate public displays of intimacy have also been reported on such occasions and possibly other illegal activities,” read the statement.

“It is of grave concern that these gatherings provide a prime soft target for the unsavoury characters in our society and the ideal opportunity to prey upon the innocent and the naive.”

The principals stated they would not take are not taking any responsibility for the pupils when they were not on school grounds. are on not on their premises.

“We do advocate honourable behaviour and attempt to instill prudent social decisions, but we are unable to monitor this over the weekends after the conclusion of the fixtures.

“These social gatherings not only put your child at risk, but also detract from their focus on the academic programme.

“We understand that many young people spend the preceding week on social media planning for the weekend’s social events.”

The principals appealed to parents to become more aware of where their children’s whereaboutsare, who their friends wereare, who they were are staying over with, and where they went are once sports matches were are over.

Parents were also are encouraged to be mindful of the times at which the first team rugby fixtures ended, and expect that their children arrived home within a reasonable time-frame thereafter.


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