Men or women – who is shopping more online in SA?


More men are buying goods online than women in South Africa and peak shopping time happens during working hours.

“Males are currently doing more online shopping than females‚” said online shopping portal PriceCheck.

South African men accounted for 50.16% of online shopping.

The margins between men and women are slim however‚ as women accounted for 48.46%.

The research shows that when men go cyber shopping‚ they mostly search for vehicle-related items‚ consumer electronics and travel packages.

“While females are also interested in these things‚ they tend to search for home furnishings and are more inclined to keep up with the latest fashion trends‚” PriceCheck revealed.

Common items sought by men and women online include the DStv PVR Explora 2 Decoder‚ Jojo 1000l vertical water tanks and the Huawei P9 Lite 16GB – particularly in the colour black.

Most shoppers aged between 25 and 34 are not waiting to get home‚ kick off their shoes and relax before searching for online bargains. Their online shopping trawls happen during office hours‚ said PriceCheck‚ adding that most online shopping happened between 10am and 4pm.

This could be because people preferred to use computers instead of mobile devices for online shopping as there was a perception that it was safer.

According to PriceCheck‚ South Africa has 21-million internet users. They could spend more than R53-billion online shopping this year.



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