Mother moved by daughter’s ‘Mother’s Day’ poem.

SAM Hoole, the mother of ‘GO! & Express’ Mothers Day Poem Competition’ winner Jenna-Mae Hoole, said she was surprised and excited when she first saw her daughter’s poem in the newspaper.

“I was at work when I saw it. I had taken a fall the day before and hurt my foot quite badly. My sister, who helped Jenna with this entry, fetched them from school and messaged saying the girls were concerned about me and my foot,” she said.

HAPPY MOM: Sam Hoole with daughters Jenna-Mae and Kailah Picture: SUPPLIED

She said her sister brought the GO! with her and it was when she was reading it that she saw the poem.

“We met in the coffee shop of where I work. Tammy brought along the GO to ‘read’ and was casually commenting on various articles. We turned the page and she said,  ‘How sweet, Why I love my mom.’ I leaned over to get a better look and, saw Jenna’s name. I re-read her name and  it finally sunk in. I was so surprised and I am extremely proud of her. I kept reading the poem over and over again.  Each time the words made my heart fuller and fuller,” said Hoole.

“Tammy then told me that Jenna-Mae had not only written the winning poem but had won a prize – more shock, surprise and excitement. We then collected the prizes on Sunday afternoon and we are going to make use of the Key Largo meal voucher this weekend. Jenna is extremely excited. Thank you for this amazing opportunity,” she said.

Hoole also won a movie voucher from Hemingways Mall.

The poem:

Why I love my mom

She makes the funniest impressions

God must have made a special session

She makes the best meals ever

I never knew she was so clever

She supports me in every way she can

She always says she is my number 1 fan

My mom’s name is Sam

She loves me for who I am

I really don’t need anything more

She gave me the best sister I could ask for

She always likes to sing

She loves her kids more than anything

What really do I need more?

When I was given the best mom I was looking for!

By: Jenna-Mae Hoole 11 years







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