Bread tags help to buy wheelchair


THE eighth PNA wheelchair handover took place on Tuesday, with beneficiary and Parklands Special School pupil, Lindokuhle Mtshayeni, receiving a brand new wheelchair sponsored by PNA owners Darryl and Gussie Eberhardt.

Mtshayeni suffers from cerebral palsy, a disease that affects the body movement and muscle coordination.

“Through the collection and recycling of bread tags and bottle tops, the Sweethearts Foundation buys wheelchairs for people in need across the country.

“Each month, the Eberhardts sponsor one wheelchair to a local patient or person in need, as well as continuing their bread tags and bottle tops collection for the Sweethearts Foundation,” said Fuls said.

The principal of Parklands Special School, Eugene Marais, said that the school and pupils were grateful for what PNA and other stakeholders wereare doing for those who are in need of the expensive equipment.

“This wheelchair is going to make a huge difference in Lindokuhle’s life. We are truly thankful for what PNA has done for her,” Marais said.

Janet Bands, a teacher at Buckets and Spades Preschool, said the 15 pupils at the school collected the bottle tops to assist PNA in the fundraising.

“I feel every school in East London should participate in this initiative, as it makes a difference in someone’s life,” said Bands said.

She said though what happened to Matshayeni is a lovely thing. Although collecting bottle tops and bread tags may seem look like a small task, it has made a huge difference to other people’s lives.

Matshayeni’sLindokuhle’s mother, Nondumiso Mtshayeni, said she was is overwhelmed by what PNA had has done for her daughter.

“Ever since Lindokuhle went to Parkland, things have been changing a lot in a good way. I am now stress-free, as it is not easy having a child who has a disability who that has a lot of demands and needs.”

She said they used public transport and it wasis costly because the old wheelchair was big, and she would have to pay an extra taxi fare.

“Lindo loves going to the mall, and it is not easy having to travel with a big wheelchair, so now things are going to be different, as the wheelchair she has is portable and smaller. I am truly grateful for what PNA has really done for my daughter,” concluded Mtshayeni said.


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