BCM load-shedding starts with stage one

The Buffalo City Metro has commenced with stage 1 load-shedding which will see various parts of the metro experiencing power outages that generally last for about two hours. This was announced on a statement on the official municipal facebook page on Thursday.

Load-shedding will work on a rolling block timetable where the various suburbs and streets have been assigned to various blocks.  The metro has been broken down into 15 blocks and each block is allocated a timeslot to undergo load-shedding over a seven-day week period.

Social media users took to the metros Facebook page to vent out their frustration. One user wrote, “Here we go, BCM loves switching the lights off. When Eskom says jump, they are first in line.” Another user commented, “I thought they said we won’t be having load-shedding anymore.” While another said, “We’ve already tasted it for two hours in Mdantsane NU17.”


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