Driver and passenger attacked at Buffalo Pass

AN EAST London driver and passenger were left shaken after being attacked while driving through Buffalo Pass last week.
The driver, who wished to remain anonymous, had just picked up their friend in Amalinda and decided to take a short-cut through Buffalo Pass, when they were ambushed.
“I noticed there was a bit of traffic on the bridge [Northwest Expressway] as we went under it to take the Buffalo Pass turn-off from Woolwash Road,” the driver said, “but nothing out of the norm when you drive through the area”.
They came across a barrier of burning plastic bags that had been piled across their side of the road, the corner of which had been set alight.
“We, of course, stopped to see what was going on and noticed there were still vehicles coming through towards us from the other direction.”
After letting the vehicles pass, they decided to pass on the right of the barrier. It was then that they were attacked.


“We passed through on the right and heard screams [sic] of rocks being thrown at us from behind. Then out of the bushes ahead came four males.
“I slammed on the brakes and they started running towards the car with huge rocks in hand, and before I could even get the vehicle moving to try and escape, they started throwing the rocks.”
Two massive rocks hit the front windscreen, while the sides of the car were pelted with rocks and rotten logs.
As the driver tried to speed off, the car got stuck on a large rock in the road. The driver saw a gap during the assault and tried to escape but having accidentally driven over one of the large rocks, his vehicle got stuck.
The passengers were then approached by a man in a red shirt, who ordered them to leave. This was impossible as the car was trapped on top of the rock.
“He told my friend to get out of the vehicle to remove the rock.


“At this point I kept the vehicle locked as I did not know what would happen if we were to get out the vehicle.”
Eventually, the driver’s friend got out of the car and helped the man in red to remove the rock.
During this time, another man in a white shirt approached, and began demanding money and cellphones from them.
However, he was soon chased away by the man in red.
“Under the circumstances,” said the driver, “thank you to the guy in red. I don’t know if it was the same guy but the vehicle’s back doors were yanked open and then closed at some point.”
The rock was finally removed and the two were allowed to leave without any further incident.
While the vehicle sustained extensive damage, both the driver and passenger were unharmed.


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