Dream Alive Foundation to empower youth

DREAM Alive Foundation is a newly found organisation that was established in April, by East London and King Williams Town students, with an aim of bringing change in the lives of the poor and tackle the socio-economic challenges in the communities by helping the youth realise their dreams through motivation, career awareness and mentorship.

Secretary of the foundation Asive Sibenza, said they started the foundation because of the challenges that the South African youth is facing, drug abuse, and being homeless, so we want to make a difference. The foundation consists of approximately 30 members, and majority of the are students.

“On Mandela Day , which falls on July 18th, the organisation will be at Masizakhe Children’s Home where we will be spending the day with the kids. We are also in the journey of collecting donations, things like clothes, blankets and food around our community and the response is good,” said Sibenza.



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