Facebook group connects strangers to assist community

DEDICATED to helping the needy through charity, the Blessings From me To You Facebook group has brought together strangers to assist the East London community.

A drive started in 2016 by Louise Leendertz Torr after she heard a devastating story of a woman who had lost her belongings in a heavy rain.

“I was an Administrator on crime spotter Buffalo City were a lady was devastated about getting kicked out in the rain with a little one, then two years of age. Her furniture, clothing, all were damaged due to the heavy rain,” she said.

She said that was when the inspiration came to her to start the Facebook group that is aimed at assisting those in need.

“A voice came in my head as an inspiration to start a helping group around East London so I founded People in need East London. Similar Page’s opened up with almost the same name as our group and people got mixed up who is who, I’ve (since) changed the name then in January 2017 to Blessing’s From Me To You East London SA,” she said.

She added that she has been receiving help from family members and the East London community since she started the initiative.

“Without my husband’s help Llewellyn Torr I would not be able to do as much for the community, he is my strength. Laurika Olivier is a member I met through this group and she also became my Rock when time’s were getting tough and a good advisor. My daughter Delicia Schoenfeldt and Wilma Preston is also there to help me to sort items when families are in need,” she said.

The group reaches out to people from as far as King William’s Town.

“We have a group leader in Berlin who does new town areas for us. I also focus on helping elderly pensioners and families with children. We also do enquiries about families before we help them as I know plenty of people want to waste their money on booze and drugs then expect a hand out to see them through. We have a Winter drive were we go to villages like Kaiser’s Beach were I know there is no other charities doing outreaches.

“I had a request from Ford Grey clinic to serve the poor and sick there, that’s still on the cards as for now we hardly get support towards food from businesses,” she said.

“Our problem is that we need more community people to be involved by helping us with food items as we supply food Parcels every second week to families who request help from us. We have a three months program were we help a family. We have opened up a charity store in Westbank, our rental is about R3 300 per month and is not so much supported by the public yet. We are battling to pay rental to date,” she explained.

She added that if there is any money left from the funds she recieves she buys food items.

Any clothes or house hold items the public no longer require can be donated to T Mel’s Market 8A Alexander St Westbank

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